A coastal 9 holer, golf and beach is seperated only by a dike. Thus there are no sea views, but dunes, sandy turf and wind do exist. There are a couple of marshy holes as well, even an island green, but it is links golf for the most part. The fairways are a bit too flat except for the idiosyncratic fifth hole, which really shines when played with the prevailing wind.

The routing is a classic out and back affair, slightly modified to accommodate the fact that the clubhouse sits in the middle of the course. So it's two holes out, four holes back and 3 holes home - everything is played either into or with the wind. Although it's a fairly simple design, the green complexes are quite interesting and add a bit of flair. As do the ditches, which are incorporated as sensibly as one can incorporate such elements into a links setting.

The fifth and the ninth hole are unique, which makes for four unique holes in an 18 hole round, whereas the rest of the golf needs a stiff breeze to become interesting. Luckily that is a definite possibility on the North Sea coast.