A rather basic course, only two holes have character and they are, ironically, the least popular and often given a pass by members. Green 13 is right next to tee 16, so holes 14 and 15 are easily skipped. Especially considering the detour necessary to get to the other side of the clubhouse, where those two holes are located. It probably doesn't help either that they navigate a slope that is so steep that carts are not allowed to stop on it. However, that same slope also creates a lot of interest compared to the essentially flat, side-by-side holes before and after.

Conditioning is like the setting - rural. Bunkers, greens and water hazards are present, but that doesn't change the feeling of sameness from hole to hole. The soil is actually quite ok for this part of the world, but it appears that not a lot of thought was given to design and routing. How else to explain back to back par 3s on such an open and featureless site?

The one redeeming factor is the peaceful scenery and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the club.