Like all the Le Touquet courses La Forêt sits on very good turf and can be expected to play firm and fast in the summer. It was carved out of a typical mediterranean pine forest, but the trees are kept in check and rarely encroach on the playing area.

The first four holes circle the nine holer Le Manoir and are situated in the vast open area between clubhouse and the La Mer course. Starting with the fifth, however, La Forêt claims its own space. For much of the homeward loop, that can be said to begin right here, the golfer feels like he has the entire course to himself.

There are many strategically interesting holes to be found and the few pedestrian ones still manage to delight through the beautiful natural surroundings and the good playing surfaces. While Colt's La Mer certainly gets the nod in terms of championship accolades, there is no reason why it should overshadow La Forêt for the average golfer.