This course makes good use of the terrain and the routing is quite creative: the front 9 goes in an expansive outer loop once around the entire site and the back 9 completes half of an inner loop and then zig-zags back to the clubhouse. The net effect is that few holes border each other and the natural undulations are utilised nicely.

There is really only one extreme uphill struggle and that is #10 - perhaps a good way to discourage members from cutting in, when the first tee is busy. Other than that the course is very walkable and features only a few semi-blind shots. There is not much repetition (with the blatant exception of #12 and #15) and conditioning used to be fine, but it slipped a little in recent times. So, provisioning for that, it can be a fun track to play for anyone, but it can also get a bit too dry.