Another English style parkland course that was designed to play firm and fast, but didn't find the prerequisite soil and climate to make it work. There's certainly a lot of the typical quirkiness that has been carried over from the Golden Age and the site itself features the right amount of undulations to provide interest.

As far as the routing goes, it is a bit odd that the front 9 have some pretty fascinating and unusual holes, whereas the back 9 is largely laid out as a series of side-by-side holes running up and down the main hill. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that at first only 9 holes were constructed, although an 18 hole plan was commissioned. Maybe there is less Cotton and Harris in the back 9 than the club lets on.

The holes with the most character are #3 (for its extreme slant to the left), #5 (a colossal dogleg), #8 (picturesque drive over a lake into an uphill fairway) and #9 (seems to hang in the air). All of those designs need firm and fast playing conditions, which are unlikely to materialise here. But it's still good fun to play: there have been no objectionable modernisations and the trees are kept in check.