A mostly flat parkland course that sits in a somewhat awkward spot between the river Main and the Autobahn. In addition to some traffic noise, the routing clearly suffers from the fairly discontiguous site. The front 9, which were designed by the club itself, has some dead ends and the back 9, done by local builder Baurconsult, are almost on the other side of town. It's certainly not much of a problem for one-time visitors, but members might feel a bit left out in the cold.

The terrain itself isn't bad, there's enough variation and some scenic backdrops as well. With a lot less irrigation and more interesting greens it certainly would be possible to put on a decent ground game here. From tee to the edge of the green this is fun to play, but the flattish, soft putting surfaces - albeit in good shape - are ultimately the course's downfall.

Being so close to the river is a mixed blessing as well, there is always the possibility of flooding and year-round playability is doubtful. It has been remarked that the two loops are dissimilar in character, with the older holes being more conventional than the back 9. However, in some odd way this seems to fit the fragmented routing. It's not exactly a flowing experience, but adventurous enough to captivate. Shortcomings aside, the course has something that many more professionally planned venues lack: charm.