The 9 old holes by Bernhard von Limburger are routed through a dense forest, whereas the newer loop winds across a more open parkland landscape with ponds. It was inserted into the middle of the routing, so a round today starts and ends with the old forest holes. Naturally, there's tree encroachment and narrow chutes to play through on several of the old holes, but the more striking characteristic of the course is its length. On some par 4s average hitters will, even with a career drive, not reach the neck of the dogleg.

While promising talents are attracted to the club by virtue of its strong youth program, average golfers will have a hard time finding anything extraordinary about the course. At least there is not too much green to tee walking, although the mixing of old and new holes does make for more of that than necessary on such a homogeneous property.

Conditioning is surprisingly consistent, considering the fact that half of the holes get way less sun and air than the other half. Ultimately it's just not about fun here, everything seems a bit grave. A few more playful elements like the huge mound protecting the second green would do wonders.